Yatzy Arena

  • Genre: Multi Player, Social, Board
  • Core Target Group: Aiming mainly at a male target group. Core gamer: Male: 75% Female: 25% Age: 19-44 yo
  • Platforms: Web Mac Android IOS Amazon
  • Languages: EN GR
  • Business model: In-App Purchases
  • Developer: LazyLand
Yatzy Arena

Roll the dice, pick the right combination, and get the most points against your opponent!

Yatzy Arena is a game of luck, risk and quick decisions multiplayer dice game. Make the highest total score and win the game against 1 or 2 opponents.

You can roll the dice 3 times on your turn, to make the best final combination and get the most points. Variations appear on the next game modes, with 2 opponents or 6 available placeholders instead of 5. Are you one dice away from the combination you aim? Hit the Golden Dice power up and get the number you’re missing!

Offer Yatzy Arena to your audience and let them take their chances!

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