Scratch On!

  • Genre: Casino
  • Core Target Group: Aiming at a male and female target group. Core gamer: Male: 60% Female: 40% Age: 18-50 yo
  • Platforms: Web Mac Android IOS Amazon
  • Languages: EN GR
  • Business model: In-App Purchases
  • Developer: LazyLand

Attention: This game might be subjected to restrictions according to each country’s gaming policies and gambling laws. The game does not provide any real money rewarding to its users, however it might be characterized as a Game of Chance resulting in fines or/and bans from local Gaming Commissions/Institutions around the world. LazyLand accepts no liability for any damage caused by such country-wide restrictions and is not obliged to indemnify the other party (Partner) from related fines. Only the Partner have the responsibility to be aware of its country’s policies and legislation and act accordingly.

Scratch On!

A whole new world of scratch games is just here: fans around the globe ScratchOn!

A classic and beloved game becomes even more interesting. Explore different modes in this amazing version: Fruit salad, Summer Fun, Space Travel, 7Lucky, Animal Kingdom, Merlin's Magic, Olympus Gods, Jurassic Scratch, The night of the winning Dead, all-in-one deluxe Scratch game!

Different and themed graphics in each mode will take your experience in another level. Huge winnings may come across your road to the top so keep your eyes and your pocket open! Exciting mini games can trigger your mind and keep you busy. The Grabber, 5Chances, Bonus Wheel, BombTrap, Twiins, Pinball Parlour and mini Scratch Card are really going to be sought after.

So get your hands on and keep on Scratching!

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