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I am really into adding the games you provide on my website! Can you tell me in short which would be the benefits for me?

Here are the benefits:

1. Adding games through LazyLand means new quality content on your website which will increase the frequency and retention time of your current visitors.

2. Xtra revenues! Our games portfolio offers a “freemium” business model. This means that all users play for free and can simultaneously purchase virtual goods inside the games using various payments methods. There are also adverts running in the games. You get a revenue share both on virtual goods purchases and advertising revenues.

3. Increase your website’s traffic! All games we offer are social, meaning that all the viral effect created is an additional benefit for you. Viral effect is a mechanism (e.g. invitation of friends to the application, high scores disclosure and many others) through which users invite other users outside of your website to come into it and play!

Not excited yet?

What exactly do you mean by Social Games? Games similar to the ones we play on Facebook?

Exactly! Social Games are essentially not stand-alone games. A social framework is mandatory for them to work-think of it as a refrigerator which needs power supply in order to operate. Therefore, social games must be connected to a social network (like Facebook) so as to acquire access to the user's social graph and generate all social distribution mechanisms such as invite systems, newsfeed posting, user-to-user notifications etc.

But my website is NOT a social network and there are no social networking features in it. How will users be able to play social games in my website?

This is what our platform offers. Social games can run in nonsocial websites.
In all social games & applications offered by LazyLand, users log in using their existing account from a variety of supported networks, for instance with their Facebook or Google account. Depending on their login method, users can perform viral actions by posting content on Facebook, Google+, etc. Bear in mind that LazyLand ensures that all viral effect created will return to your website!
Interesting so far?

How do I earn extra traffic? Please explain to me how the mechanism exactly works.

Simple! Let’s assume that a user enters your website and plays one of the social games you offer via our platform. Users will be requested to perform a viral action (e.g. post that they unlocked a new level, etc), which will appear on the user’s Facebook or Google+ profile and will be seen by friends. If a friend clicks on the post, they will be guided to the games’ section of your website. More specifically in 3 simple steps: 

1.The user performs a social / viral action through your website.

2.This action / information is publicly available on the user’s profile on Facebook, Google+, etc.

3.All users who interact with this action come back to your website. 

Simple as that! You only have to try it for yourself to see how easily it works.

There are also other companies that offer games’ content on my website. What are the advantages of your solution comparing to the others?

We offer the most complete package of services in comparison with our competition which offers only a selection. Check it out for yourself:
• We give you the opportunity to provide to your users the most fashionable games’ genre that exists today: Social games.
• Content is constantly renewed and enriched. Various quality games with the best monetization rates in the gaming market are regularly added, developed both by LazyLand labs and leading game developers worldwide.
• LazyLand games & applications are multilingual. You will be able to select the localized version you prefer.
• All games and applications LazyLand offers are embedded in your website, while you can select the place and the dimensions which are most convenient for you. Our competition offers games for 3d party websites which are not practically embedded; they only use pop - up windows which redirect users to their own gaming website, not yours. This is the point that makes all the difference - and the benefit is all yours!
• Adding content to your website is more than easy! You just have to copy-paste a code that we provide you. It is as easy as adding a Youtube video to your website.
• Many companies offer games for websites that already contain advertisements from which you have no income. Not us! The ads run inside the games and you have an automatic enrollment in revenue. And of course any other ads running on your site-out of the application- are entirely up to your own financial exploitation since LazyLand asks for no share on these.
• The revenues you get are not limited to your website! Amazing?
Some of the games we offer are multi - platform; thus users will be able to play the same games or others via their smart phone or tablet. Once a user has created an id from your website, you continue to earn money from in-app purchases spent on iOS and Android devices.
In general, if a user registers through your website you get a share of the revenues generated, regardless of the device or the platform the user signed in from.
• We supply you with a comprehensive online admin tool. You can have anytime access to detailed statistics of each game, revenues, new content added, marketing material for promotional purposes and automated update for payments, invoicing and billings.
• All customer support and community management is provided by us. You only add the content, then sit back and relax!
• Each publisher (such as you) has its own dedicated personal account manager. As soon as you login, you will get contact information of qualified people who will answer any questions you may have and guide you with useful tips in order to maximize effectiveness.
• The LazyLand operating model has no restrictions. That means that you are allowed to combine and distribute different content within your website. You can get whichever content you need from us and use it in any way you prefer, alone or in combination with other content. The secret is that all games and applications contain all the features needed to play properly: from the integrated social features, to specific required gaming features (leveling system, trophies, tournaments, virtual currencies, etc.) and to payment methods.

And now we have reached the most amazing part! All of the above is offered to you completely for free. There are no set-up fees, no hidden costs such as cost servers, technical support, etc.
In other words, you have nothing to lose!

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