Game Help

How to play Fishing Duels?

Each Fishing Duels board contains a maximum of 81 cells. Each cell may contain a fish or some other object.

Each level in Fishing Duels requires a certain number of fish to be collected in order to win the game. The player who first collects the required number of fish is the winner.
To collect fish, a player must make a match of them in a row or column of 3 fish or more. Diagonal matches don't count.
To move a fish and perform a match, there are two ways:

a) click on each of the adjacent cells to switch their positions
b) click and drag a cell towards the position of the other cell with which you want to switch places.

Either of the above actions will create a chain of 3 or more fish in a row or column, removing them from board and making all the items above them to occupy their cells. If any of the cells containing the matched candies, had fish in them, the action will cause the fish to be removed. When collecting fish, you may watch their number increasing on the left of the board, under your avatar.

Aparth from fish, players may also collect other objects too, in the same way they do with fish, by making matches. These objects are added on seperate collections, and may be consumed when players need to use one of the 4 special 'weapons':

• Fish Catch:

By using this weapon 3 fish are added to your stash.
• Attack:

By using this weapon 3 fish are removed from your opponent's stash.
• Snatch:

By using this weapon 3 fish are snatched from your opponent's stash and added to yours.
• Fishing Net:

A fishing net appears on top of the whole table and adds every fish on it into your stash. Each weapon requires a certain number of special objects in order to be used. This number appears on a red circle on top of the weapon button, if the required objects have not been yet collected.

When the required objects are collected, the circle turns green.

When all three circles have turned green, meaning all required objects have been collected, the weapon is ready to be used. These special objects are removed from their respective collections when player choses the weapon.

So keep in mind, collecting fish may not be the only way! Fishing Duels requires strategy, one or more uses of a special weapon may prove the winner in the end!

How to start a game

If you are playing for the first time, you have access only to the first Game Mode, "Beginners". Simply hit on the button "Play & Win" and the game starts! The game dealer will choose an opponent for you!

Keep reading to learn more about how to unlock new Game Modes.

How to monitor the progress of the game

On the left side, the player is able to see the fish he collected along with the special objects.

Moreover, by clicking on the player's avatar, a detailed view of his profile appears.

When does a game end?

A match is completed in the following cases:
• When a player the required number of fish of the certain game mode, then that player is declared the winner.
• When a player resigns. In that case the winner is the opponent.

Do I play with other users or with robots?

You always play with real users. This is the magic of the game!

Can I play with my real friends?

Of course! Simply click on the button :

and then on icon "Play with a friend".

You will see a window where you get a link. Click "Copy" and send the link in whatever way you want to your friend (e.g. if your friend is online on Facebook chat or Skype you can send it there). When your friend clicks the link, he will enter the game and you can start playing together. Simple as that!

Is it free?

Access to the game is 100% free. However, if you like to buy chips or diamonds that are used to gain special items or additional features, you can do so later on during the game. Nevertheless, it is not obligatory in any way!

What are Game Points?

Points (or Experience Points) are acquired as you play. In particular they are obtained when you win games. Points cannot decrease (if you lose, you do not lose points). As you accumulate points, you can level up. And as you level up you unlock new Game Modes and other services (e.g. tournaments, bigger bonuses, free Diamonds etc).

What are Game Modes?

When you enter the game for the first time, you only have access to the first Game Mode 'Newbies'.

The total Game Modes in which you can gain access are 6 and they are unlocked according to your level.
1. Beginners (unlocked at level 1)
2. Hobbyists (unlocked at level 2)
3. Adventurers (unlocked at level 4)
4. Fortune Hookers (unlocked at level 6)
5. Professionals (unlocked at level 8)
6. Open Water Soldiers (unlocked at level 10)

Every Game Mode features:
• New graphics: Each new Game Mode has unique and magnificent graphics that make the game more and more interesting!
• Different target: Each mode contains different number of fish required to win the game.
• Different Betting: In each new Game Mode, you have the chance to win more Points and Chips for each victory.

What are Game Levels?

Level is the main way in which the game is presented through the single-player experience. Each player starts the game from Level 1. The level is indicated on the left side of the main menu of the game inside a star shaped object. A new user will see the following status:

The score 0/70 on the right side of the picture means that the player starts with 0 points and he needs 70 more to proceed to Level 2. The figure below represents a more advanced user:

This user is already at Level 2 and he has in his possession 330 Points. In order to proceed to Level 3 the player must acquire 450 Points in total (i.e. the remaining 450-330 = 120 points). Every time you advance a Level you can see the Points needed to unlock the next one. As you level up, you unlock new Game Modes and other services (e.g. tournaments, bigger bonuses, free Diamonds etc). But most importantly, you gain prestige within the community of the players of the game!
Whenever you play against an opponent, you can see his level. It is the number inside the star shaped object shown in his profile.

What are Game Chips?

Chips are one of the most important elements of the game as they define the best players. Each player when he first enters the application, he starts with 150 Chips, which are shown on the left side of the main screen:

In order to play a game, your opponent and you, bet Chips. The amount of betting depends on your Game Mode.

In the first Game Mode the betting amount is 10 credits. In other words, the winner will earn 20 Chips (the sum of his own and his opponent’s Chips):

As you can see from the figure above, when you start a game in the first Game Mode, the winner gets 10 points and 20 Chips.
Points are used to level up, and Chips to rise higher in the Hall of Fame.
At this point we should remind you that your points cannot decrease (if you lose the game, you will not lose Points), but if you lose, the Chips you bet are removed.
In the next Game Modes the betting limit gradually increases, which turns out to be very stimulating.
For betting amounts over 100 Chips per player, the Dealer of the game takes a 5% tip from the total for the gaming experience he offers.

Free Chips!

The game gives you the opportunity to obtain free chips every 24 hours! All you have to do is click on the “Get Bonus" button under the pouch of Chips!

Once you get the bonus, a timer informs you about how much time you have left until the next bonus is activated. If you log in every day, your daily bonus keeps getting bigger! Do not miss it! As you level up, the available bonuses are constantly growing!

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are the "currency" with which you can purchase store items, power ups or send gifts to users and much more! Any user gets 10 Diamonds as a gift when he first enters the game.

How can I purchase Chips and Diamonds?

By clicking the "+" you can gain additional Chips or Diamonds. We offer all popular payment methods with absolute safety during the transaction.

What are Tournaments?

Tournaments are a fun alternative way to play your favorite game! Each tournament starts automatically once 8 players join. The ticket fee for each player is 80 Chips. The 8 players compete in 4 pairs. The 4 winners qualify for the semifinals where they play in two pairs. The 2 winners of the semifinals play against each other at the grand final. The prize is the total of the Chips collected from all participants in the beginning (minus a 5% bonus for the Dealer) which is 6,080 Chips! Additionally, the winner also gets one diamond.

You can participate in as many tournaments as you like during the day, on the condition that you are at the required level. Tournaments’ initiation is dynamic, once 8 participants join.

What are Trophies?

Trophies are "special missions" that you are required to carry out as you play. A detailed list of these missions can be found if you click on the icon for Trophies.
Each mission can lead to three trophies:
• If you carry out a mission 5 times you get the Bronze Trophy.
• If you carry out a mission 10 times you get the Silver Trophy.
• If you carry out a mission 20 times you get the Golden Trophy.

When you achieve a mission you are not required to do something. A collectible asterisk is automatically added to the corresponding vacancy.
For each Golden Trophy you also obtain 1 Diamond! Detailed information about the Trophies you have earned can be found on your profile.

Hall of Fame

By clicking on this icon you can see who the Best Players are and what your ranking among all players and among friends is. The classification is based on the number of Chips each player has.
The more active player you are, the higher you will be ranked among the Best Players. This depends on the number of your victories and your Game Mode.
To avoid "cheating" the following rule applies: If you play during the same day with the same opponent, you cannot bet more Chips. The same happens if you play with the friends you invite in order to eliminate the possibility of earning Chips in multiple batches with fake friends.

User Profiles

By clicking on the image of each player (and your own) you can see each user’s profile. In the profile of each player you can get information about his game statistics, his Points and Chips, the Trophies he has won, country of origin etc. You can also add each user to your list of friends

How can I use the Chat option?

Top left while you are playing; there is the ‘Chat’ option. By clicking on the ‘Chat option’, you can see some predefined messages that you can send to your opponent.

Your message appears in the form of a speech bubble over your profile:

If you click on the last option (free text) you can write whatever you want, on the condition that you are always polite!

General information

In the store you can find decorative items for the game, power ups, special services and more. New items are constantly added, so you are invited to visit it regularly! For purchasing items from the Store, Diamonds or in some cases Chips are required!

Credits Shield

Protect your Chips for a full day! For every victory, you'll get 10% bonus instead of paying a 5% tip!.

Credits Shield Plus

Protect your Chips for 7 days! For every victory, you'll get 10% bonus instead of paying a 5% tip!

Points x2

Do you wish to level up quickly? You can win two times as many Points for each one of your victories for a full day!

Points x2 Plus

Do you wish to level up quickly? You can win two times as many Points for each one of your victories for 7 days!

Which are the minimum requirements in order to play?

For the web version:
• You must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player
• You must have the latest version of Firefox ή Internet Explorer ή Google Chrome ή Safari with JavaScript enabled.
• To enable JavaScript you can find information here.

For the iOS version:
The game normally runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch for iOS versions 4 and up.

For the Android version:
Supported devices (tablets or mobile phones) running Android from version 2.2 and up, midscale screens and up.

The Game is running slowly, what can I do?

If you play the game on the web and you open other windows in your browser, or run other programs in parallel, try to close other applications. You will see that the result is improved.

If you are still having trouble, try to clear the Cache memory of the browser you are using. Instructions for erasing the Cache memory can be found here.

Abusive Behavior

If a user does not have appropriate behavior you can report him. Go to his profile and click "Report user". An administrator will review your request and decide on the punishment. In addition, if you want you can disable the free text chat from the settings.

I purchased Chips/Diamonds but never received them

Sometimes when you buy Chips / Diamonds, they do not immediately appear in your account. The transaction process usually takes seconds to a few minutes, but in cases of credit cards can last up to 24 hours for security reasons.
If the purchased Chips / Diamonds are not added to your account, try to delete the Cache memory of your browser and click to refresh the application. Instructions for erasing the Cache memory can be found here.
If the problem persists, please contact us and say precisely the day / time of the transaction and the payment method selected. If the transaction took place via Facebook, you should contact Facebook for help.

I found a bug in the game. What should I do?

We would be very happy to receive recommendations, corrections or new ideas about our games from you. All you have to do is contact us and our dedicated personnel will reply to your request!

How can I contact you?

For any questions you may have and are not among FAQs, please contact us. A dedicated person will be happy to assist you!