LazyLand Company was established in 2003 and has been operating since then in the social gaming field offering quality services to both publishers and 3rd party developers while creating its own social gaming content.

Driven by enthusiasm for the online world and confidence that social gaming would transform the way people play games, LazyLand has developed a portfolio of various social titles aiming at approaching everyday people no matter what their gender, age or preferences may be. Social Games, through their social character do not address only to a specific audience anymore.
LazyLand, through its efforts for global expansion, has established an international affiliate network of publishers/websites with different content and audiences, willing to host social gaming content and generate revenues from in game purchases & advertising. At the same time, the company enriches this gaming portfolio both from developing titles in-house and from licensing 3rd party titles from other developers.
LazyLand has already established successful partnerships with some of the most reputable publishers & social networks in Greece, Russia, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Brazil, Mexico and USA while cooperating with some of the most sophisticated game development studios worldwide.